Month: March 2015

“New Age” Church

Her View

I’ve lived in Alabama all but a few months of my life (born in MA). I grew up here, went to college here, got married here, we’re building a home here, don’t plan to leave here. One of my biggest issues with the state is its strong Christian leanings. I was raised Christian…my grandfather is a retired Methodist minister and my father is a deacon at a Baptist church where my great-uncle is the pastor. I grew up in church, but over the years I’ve found myself more and more unsettled by what “church” and “church folks” have become. Maybe things have always been this way…or maybe there’s this “new age” church going on now.

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20 Questions

Let’s get to know each other a bit better! Here are 20 (+) questions to give you more insight into Her and His views. 

  1. Favorite rapper or rap group?

Hers: Three 6 Mafia

His: Archie Eversole, Old Cash Money (BG), Old No Limit, Pastor Troy, Last Mr. Bigg, Lil Flip, Magic. It’s a long list.

  1. Beach or Mountains?

Hers: Mountains

His: Mountains (Skiing)

  1. Food: Surf or Turf?

Hers: Surf

His: Surf. Great seafood wins every time.

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