About Us

Passionate husband and wife who have plenty enough in common to be married, but different points of view. 

About Her

She is a 30-something-year-old Alabama State University grad who works for a non-profit part time, while building a consulting firm she shares with her husband. Food, beverage, and travel are her favorite things…all ranking after her darling husband and their son, of course!

About Him

He is a 3o-something-year-old graduate of Auburn University (a PWI, as his wife says) working in Corporate America trying to find ways to be his own boss and reach true wealth. If you ask Him what his plans are then he will tell you, “The same as they always are Pinky, to take over the world!”

He grew up in a small country town in Alabama, and is fiercely protective of that so don’t think he meant it derogatorily. In his spare time he likes most things sports and sports related (mostly playing), and the comfort and break from reality that video gaming provides. His diverse experiences in life are what provide his foundation of core values and beliefs and are why he has an opinion on most things.