Month: May 2015

Lost Causes

Her View

Lost causes…um…that would be ME trying to address this subject! *rimshot*

No, really. Nearly every week there is a new cause or situation that captures the nation/world’s attention. Sometimes it’s a natural disaster and other times it’s a case of injustice. In the age of social media, these causes often become hashtags and parts of viral campaigns. People often become activists for these causes…at least for a while. Continue reading “Lost Causes”

Cinco de Mayo

Her View

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays! Others are Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day (another time, another post). I like these holidays because they’re usually fun and don’t require gift giving or travel expectations. My focus is usually (ok, almost always) on the food and beverages on these holidays. Yes, I realize that there is historical significance to the fifth of May and I know what occurred. However, like many Americans, I have adopted this day as a time to enjoy margaritas and Mexican food. Continue reading “Cinco de Mayo”