Month: April 2015

Putting On for Social Media

Her View

If you’re on any of the social media sites, particularly Facebook or Instagram, you see it almost daily. Somebody is putting on for social media…doin it for the ‘Gram. It may be a status update about how blessed they are with a picture of their new car or maybe even a simple update about how great their relationship is. Maybe it’s one of those negative posts where the person is sending cryptic messages about haters or asking somebody to “come see” them. Either way, chances are the poster isn’t really being sincere. They’re putting on.

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Personality Types

Her View

I’ve been really interested in personality types ever since I was introduced to the topic in college. Much like zodiac signs and the like, I take personality types with a bit of seriousness…but I only buy in so much. I mean, how can every Virgo possibly have the same fate on a particular day?

I’ve completed the test a few times over the last 10 years or so, and as far as I can remember I’ve been either an ISTJ or INTJ. My most recent test (4/6/15) showed that I have marginal or no preference of Sensing over Intuition…so this makes sense. I want to say that one time in college my results said I was an extrovert. Well, times change and people change. I wonder if my personality type changed as well. Is that even possible?

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